Gasa District & Dzong

Gasa is the district in the northwest of the Bhutan. Its main village / town is located near Gasa Dzong. From Punakha, drive 2-3 hours to Goen Damji village, which is connected by new road. From Damji, the construction of road is under process and currently it takes around 4-6hrs by walk to reach Gasa. The altitude of the district ranges from 1,500m to 4,500m but Gasa town or rather village is located at 2770m. It has around a dozen small shops, a school, small police post, a clinic, a forest office and the district administration office located in Gasa Dzong (also called Trashi Thongmoen Dzong). Gasa Dzong was built by Zhabdrung in 1646 to commemorate the victories over the Tibetans and it later defended the country against several invasions in 17 and 18 century. Gasa is also famous for its healing hot springs, located around 2hrs walk at the bottom of the ridge. The hot spring is visited by Bhutanese from all over the country during the winters. Gasa is the district headquarters for Laya village Gewog and Lunana gewog located to the north, along the borders with Tibet, China. The Khame gewog is located to the south bordering and Punakha district, under which Damji is the main village. Khatoe is the area around Gasa and where the hot spring is also located.

Attractions in Gasa, around and from Gasa

  • Gasa and Laya Trek This section describes the trek route from Damji to Gasa Hot Spring, Gasa Dzong, Koena, & Laya, starting with drive from Punakha to Damji. To continue on the trek to Lunana and Snowman route, visit La

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    Gasa Dzong Gasa Dzong is the administrative headquarter of the Gasa Dzongkhag, which consists of Goen Khartoed in the upper region and Goen Kharmed in the lower region. Legend has it, that when Zhabdrung Nawang

  • Laya Laya village is under Gasa district or Dzongkhag. The people of Laya have their own dialect, customs and distinct dress. The women keep their hair long (unlike other parts of country) and wear peculia

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