Tibet border with Nepal

Zhangmu (in Tibetan is Dram and Nepali Khasa) lies 31km south of Nyalam at an average altitude of 2,300m. There is the check-point where your travel documents are inspected for exit or entry into Tibet. This trading town sprawls down the hillsides for over 4km through series of switchback bends. It is a typical border town much larger then Nyalam. The population is a fascinating mix of Tibetan, Han and Nepali. In rainy seasons, sometimes there are landslides and tourists may have to walk a bit while their luggage are carried by porters to either side of the country. Please note that the Chinese immigration opens at 10:00 Beijing time and Nepalese counter part opens at 09:30 Nepali time which is about 2hrs.15m. later. Kodari is name of the post on Nepali side and in between there is Friendship Bridge.

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Bhutan Airlines Representative

Bhutan Air Representative

Wind Horse is appointed the Bhutan Airlines Representative in USA. We are continue to patronise Druk Airlines, the national carrier of Bhutan.

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Desi Journeys by Wind Horse Tours

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