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It is one thing to toot your own horn, but something else when some speaks for you. Following are unedited testimonials of some of our past clients, many of whom will vouch for us.

Hello Anand, As I mentioned previously Galen was an excellent guide. I had a small nature tour business in Belize for 14 years so I know what makes a good tour and what makes an excellent guide. She was friendly, adaptable, knowledgeable and thoroughly professional. her knowledge and ability to discuss Buddhist religion and the temple art was particularly great for my wife. her demeanour and actions exemplified the 4 pillars of your Gross Happiness Index. She was a delight to spend time with and both Helen and I felt privileged to make her acquaintance. The actual tour was very good tho now that I have abetter idea of the actual conditions, I have a few suggestions. Considering that we were not able to do steep climbs and the parks have no trails, I would not have done the long dusty drive thru Jigme Dori park in order to have a picnic. What really worked out well from our perspective was the 2 walks we did going downhill thru the forest on the paved road from Chele Pass - smooth surface, no dust and minimal traffic. Nice nature experience and decent birding. it was unfortunate that we had to split our hotels in Punakha/ Jangdue considering it appeared that there was indeed room for us at the the Drung chu resort for both nites. I had been assured we were wait listed there so having to spend the nite at the Punatsangchu Cottages which served an unbelievable breakfast of porridge, white bread and potatoes only, telling us there were no eggs in the village was very disappointing. especially considering Drungchu' s rooms were absolutely excellent, clean lines and everything a hotel room should have - one of the best equipped and designed rooms we have been in. I realize you have a big operation and the room may have been available last moment but disappointing nonetheless. We are considering booking again for central Bhutan in the future but would need to be assured that you would indeed honour your commitment to making sure we had the requested rooms considering we booked 6 months in advance. So, all in all a very satisfactory experience and we would recommend your services to others but would warn them about the problem with hotel substitutions and would again advize you to work on that wait listing issue because besides the fact of the inconvenience of moving rooms each day and Punatsangchu Cottages' inadequate breakfast, it also added quite a bit of driving time to our day.
Posted on Nov. 21, 14
Helen & Hugh P
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
My wife and I would like to thank Wind Horse for organizing an awesome trip through Nepal, Bhutan, n Sikkim and Darjeeling. (Bhutan Festival – 24.10 – 11.11). We found this tour operator through internet and Wind horse reacted immediately to our enquires and provided excellent service from the first contact till the end of the trip We spent two days in Kathmandu, with a very professional guide and driver, before entering Bhutan. Here we met Nim, our guide, and Tashi, our driver and three fabulous ladies which were the other tourists making our small group. Nim a charming young person, was very knowledgeable and absolutely competent. Tashi is an excellent driver, and we felt safe in his hands. Both of them were very professional, most of the time exceeding the expectations; a pleasure to be with. At the Sikkim border, a problem arose with our passports. Though we were not allowed to enter this State, Louis, our new guide within India, promptly found a solution : he continued the tour to Sikkim with the other component of our group and, he organized an alternative program for us. Wind horse provided us with a new guide , Sonam and driver, Sundar , at no extra cost! After two days, we rejoined the group and finished out trip in Darjeeling as per schedule. Also in this part of the journey, the guides and driver were excellent. The whole trip was absolutely superb, a good combination of site visiting, easy trekking and days of driving .We enjoyed any single day and we really recommend Windhorse.!
Posted on Dec. 31, 69
Isabella & Bernard J
24th road, Bandra, (W) Mumbai.
My partner and I recently participated in the Wind horse Tour to Bhutan, Sikkim and Darjeeling. We had a marvelous time. We were both extremely impressed with the knowledge and enthusiasm of our Bhutanese Guide, Sonam. And our bus driver, Arun, did an amazing job keeping us all safe amidst the traffic on the curving mountain roads. Our guide in Sikkim and Darjeeling was excellent as well. Plus, the Wind horse office staff was efficient and did all they could to make the appropriate arrangements for the trip in a timely fashion. I am so pleased that we chose a tour group that is not only run by Bhutanese but also has a strong track record and an office presence in the United States. We had an excellent experience not only in Bhutan, but also in Sikkim and Darjeeling. I strongly encourage you to book your tour through Wind horse.
Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Peter W
Sonora Drive, Santa Barbara, California
Dear Ugen and Jambay, I wanted to write to let you know how our experience with Windhorse in Bhutan (October 27 to November 5) went. First of all, thank you for setting us up with your "A" team. Tenzin was a cautious, capable and efficient driver. He was always on time with a ready smile. Even the three of us who are generally terrified by the combination of narrow, difficult roads and great heights felt comfortable with Tenzen driving. In a word, Tashi was great. He knew the answers to all of our (occasionally ridiculous) questions and remained calm and professional when things did not go according to plan. We mainly stayed with the itinerary but Tashi could switch to an equally excellent experience when circumstances required a change ( eg Druk Airlines left Paro 4 hours lake; the Folk Museum was closed on Sunday, etc.). When he realized that we would prefer more hiking and visiting fewer Dzongs, we went on a challenging hike up to a monastery where the graduating class of monks and their families were celebrating. Not on the itinerary but a real highlight fore sure. I do have some comments. The 7-8 hour drive to Punakha was in fact 12 hours. We left at 8 am and arrived a 8 pm, well after dark. The road was under construction which was the cause of the delay, but we guests were all very tired and grumpy when we arrived at the hotel. Eight hours of driving is enough. Could a Plan B hotel, even if not up to top standards, not be an option? We would have appreciated the choice. Second, we arrived in Thimphu on November 1, a national holiday. Some attractions were not open, and we missed an archery competition which is apparently traditionally held on that day. When we were scheduled to visit the Folk Museum the following day , Sunday, a day it is always closed that weekend felt like a cut and paste itinerary rather than a well planned private tour. My third comment involves a longer itinerary. Once we were in Bumthang, several of us were sorry not to be able to go closer to the Eastern border. We are not trekkers (due to the altitude I did not get close to the Tiger's Nest) but would love to see and hike in the Eastern region of Bhutan. Perhaps a 14 day itinerary for our ability level could be considered. My husband Conrad and I had an excellent holiday and are very happy we chose Windhorse for our trip to Bhutan. Tashi took us all to his home for our farewell dinner and it was a pleasure to meet his family and experience an excellent home cooked meal and authentic hot stone bath. The meal began with butter tea, ended with ara, and consisted of a multitude of traditional Bhutanese dishes (minus chili cheese, thankfully). I hope his mother was compensated by Windhorse for the huge effort she made as we were caught off guard and thoughtlessly came empty handed. Please let Tashi and Tenzin know how much we enjoyed their expertise, good humour and company. All best wishes,
Posted on Nov. 10, 14
Joan & Conrad G
Kanata,Ontario, Canada.
Greetings: Please forward this to the President of Windhorse Tours. Re: Outstanding and superior tour guide Tashi Gyeltshen Please be aware that Tashi Gyeltshen of Paro, Bhutan, provided outstanding and superior services as tour guide for a Wind horse during an 11 day private tour, for 6 people, in his country. His spoken English and comprehension of English was/is excellent so that he was easy to understand and communicate with. He was completely profession at all times, with a delightful sense of humor at moments when this was fun. He listened to his clients, understood their requirements and preferences. In doing so he organized and adjusted the trip to accommodate everyone, providing some interesting asides and extras. This client who had been a tour guide was very impressed and completely satisfied
Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Susan G.A
Richmond Road, Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Hello, Thank you so much for such an incredible trip!!! First, let me say that we traveled thru Southeast Asia for a month and by far, we loved your country the most. It was truly perfect, from the time we were met at the airport until we left the country. Awesome! The accommodations were very comfortable, clean, and all offered good buffet meals. I noticed there were other tour companies that were much more expensive, yet they were doing the exact same tour as us. Being able to experience the festivals and visit the Tigers Nest had been a life long dream of mine and I wasn't disappointed. Your country is full of such loving, happy, kind, people, we feel so honored to have been able to share that. But what made our trip most memorable was our guide Kinley Wangmo and our driver Rinzin Dorji. Rinzin was an extremely experienced driver. I felt completely safe with him on what I considered to be dangerous roads. He not only was a safe driver, but knew all the secret places to pull over for the perfect photo opportunity. He was also very aware of all the road conditions, because of the road repairs, one might get stuck behind a road block for a couple of hours...that never happened with us because of his expertise. Kinley was a perfect guide for my husband and I. She has the perfect personality to be a guide. She personalized our trip to meet our interest. Her warmth in conversation made us feel so comfortable it felt like we were spending time with a friend and not just a guide giving a tour. Because she was so well liked and known throughout the towns we visited she gave us a true insight to the customs and beliefs of the people. Her knowledge of the area, people and places we visited was the highlight of our trip. Because my husband and I have worked in the travel industry we expect the most from our guides. Having traveled around the world, we can honestly say that Kinley was the best guide we have ever had! Kinley is now not just a guide to us but truly a lifelong friend. We would love to tell anyone traveling to Bhutan to use Windhorse tours. Please feel free to use whatever photos you have. We have also included a few of our favorites. Thanks again an awesome trip! Jana and Kenny Bednar
Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Jana & Kenneth B
Glenbrook, Nevada, USA
Thank you. My wife Carol wrote a "review" of the trip and I am sending that. Our Goecha La trek was the trip of a lifetime. My husband, David Robinson and I had a fabulous time. Since you requested feedback, I will offer some below. Karma, our leader, was an excellent guide. From the moment he met us at the Bagdogra airport, he was polite, personable and professional. Throughout the trip, he gave us the history and background of every place we visited. His knowledge added color and context. Our driver (Lokpa) was very good. He drove safely and I never felt nervous like I would had I been in one of the jeep-taxis. There were significant inconveniences the morning of the trek, specifically not enough yaks and porters to carry gear and food. To begin we had only a cook, cook's helper, yak man and two yaks. As a result some food was left behind and gear including thick sleeping mats. My husband and I had brought our thin blow up mats, but wanted the thick mats too. It wasn't possible to bring them given the lack of yaks/porters. A day into the trek, two more porters arrived carrying more gear and food. It appeared the porters were overloaded with too much weight. I was glad to see we had chairs but there was no table. Karma worked with other groups, borrowing a table when we needed one. The food provided on the trek was delicious. Our cook was a genius. We had omelettes, momos, apple fritters and even a cake with icing on the final night. The cook's helper (Roheet) was always ready with a smile and worked tirelessly to serve us tea and food. We loved the hotel in Darjeeling -- the Mayfair. It was true luxury after sleeping in a tent for so many nights. The afternoon ride on the toy train while interesting, offered no mountain views. Maybe if we had tickets for an early morning ride, it would have been better. But it was Diwali and perhaps morning tickets were not available. All in all, it was a grand adventure. I would recommend this trek to anyone, as long as Wind Horse ensured enough yaks and porters. Best Wishes
Posted on Jan. 31, 15
David R & Carol
Portland, USA

Bhutan Festival & Sikkim Tour ( 3 to 14 Oct, 2014)

Dear Wind Horse and future Wind Horse travelers,

I would like to start off by saying thank you for providing such an amazing trip!

Touring Bhutan and India with Wind Horse was actually my first experience out of the country.  I was provided with an abundance of information from the company, from helpful packing tips to how to obtain our Indian and Bhutan visas.  Any questions that my travel partner or I had were answered in a very quick manner, which was greatly appreciated.

Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Michele H
Sonoma. Ft. Myers Florida 33908 USA

TID 8523 (Three Himalayas Kingdom) - 18 Sept - 05 Oct, 2014

Good morning! Sorry to take so long to write a review for you. I am just starting to get well again and back to normal 

I hope some of the others in the group have written also

Well what a journey we had with Wind horse tours and their amazing tour guides in Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

Throughout the trip different members came down with illness but with the help, v Guide and support of each other and our beautiful guides we soldiered on J

In Tibet with Neymah we were well taken care of and helped to see as much of this beautiful country as possible .We feel blessed to have had him with us on this journey especially with his vast knowledge of Buddhism and his love for this amazing country. Our driver was excellent and helpful as well. The Potala palace was amazing and the monasteries & Stupas were all a bit different and interesting. The overland trip to Nepal was beautiful scenery, a few rough roads but base camp Everest was just wow.

The few days in Nepal were tough with the recent Landslide and walk over it and just a limited time but we were well taken care of again and treated to some local foods and singing at a local restaurant. The art studio was amazing.

Bhutan is such a special country with beautiful people and surrounds. Once again the group was well looked after whether the few who were sick or the rest who wanted to see the sights. The hotels were all great and once again we were looked after very well. Thank you Yanten for looking after us all and our wonderful driver in keeping us safe with all the road works. While I was not well and missed some of the sights of this amazing place, I must say I still enjoyed the feel of this wonderful country and its amazing friendly helpful people.

I recommend Wind horse and their amazing guides for each of these locations. The main office people are amazing as well in answering so many emails. They were in constant contact with our guides to make sure we were looked after and if any extra assistance was needed.

My only suggestion is a bit more "down" time or shopping time as it was a very busy trip.

Thank you for such an amazing journey


Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Tracy C

TID 781 Bhutan Festival & Sikkim Tour (3 to 14 Oct,2014)

Dear Anand:

Thanks for your email looking for comments about my trip recently to Bhutan.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip and made doubly so by Sonam's  (Pelden) professional ability to guide us.  He paid attention to all members and I was amazed at his knowledge of Buddhism and the life of the Bhutanese.    Despite the road conditions as well I had great confidence in Arun's ability to get us safely through any potential dangerous situations.

Some feedback:

At some point in the tour I, and the other members, felt overwhelmed with visiting monasteries so our request to visit a farmhouse was arranged by Sonam the next day.    Speaking for myself, I certainly felt it was a good addition to the tour.   While I am travelling I do enjoy visiting local people so often a school or a hospital is on my agenda.   Perhaps that could be considered in the future.

As a vegetarian, I was certainly able to find sufficient on the buffet table, although perhaps it was very carbohydrate-laden with rice, potatoes and noodles together.   As a rule, western tourists would eat only one of those at a sitting.

In addition, our guide in Sikkim and West Bengal, Nima, was equally knowledgeable and professional in his care of the group.   He was able to help me connect with a Darjeeling hospital through his niece so that I could visit the newborns and their mums.

I chose Wind Horse, partly on the recommendation of friends who had previously taken one of your tours, but price was certainly a factor.   However, I certainly didn't feel that, because yours were cheaper than other companies,  I received inferior service.   So, thanks to all concerned at Wind Horse and I wish you success in the future.


Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Rosemary J
crescent Vernon,CANADA

Window to Bhutan TID 8541 ( 17 to 23 Oct,2014)

Hi Jambay

Hope you are well.We just wanted to touch base to say how delighted we were with our tour of Bhutan through Windhorse.Sonam was the ultimate professional: well organised, a great communicator, flexible, very knowledgeable. And most importantly to us, fun! We have traveled extensively over the years, and he was by far, the most impressiveGuide we have ever had the pleasure of touring with. Sanger was also to be commended for his excellent driving skills. His car was always neat and tidy and both Sonam and Sangar were always well presented.

We were sad to leave magical Bhutan - an amazing country with wonderful people. Thanks for all of your help organising the initial stages of our trip.We will certainly be recommending Windhorse to all of our friends and family.

Warmest regards

Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Nerissa and Kellie
Gordon Avenue, Victoria, Australia

Snow Leopard Trek TID 760 ( 3 - 17 Oct,2014)

Hello Anand,

Thank you so much for setting up a great experience for my husband and me.  We had a spectacular time! 

Our guide, Karma was really knowledgeable, helpful, and, best of all, funny!  He was also very gentle and didn't push us.  He understood what all our limitations were and encouraged us to do our best.  He was very personable and that helped us enjoy the experience more! 

One thing that we think Windhorse can improve on is making sure that everyone knows what each person's food restrictions are.  On a few occasions, we felt that the cook did not know or had forgotten that we had a vegetarian in the group and that my husband, Varun, could not eat dairy or fried food.  For example, one of our lunches was pizza, cheese momos, and fried potatoes.  After trekking all morning, it was upsetting that there were no food options for him. During this time, we mentioned to Karma that he could not eat anything from this meal and even though he informed the cook, nothing was done to fix the situation.

The food in general was decent.  We really enjoyed the soups!  It was perfect for the cold evenings.  For three dinners during the trek, the soup had meat in it and the vegetarian in the group could not enjoy it, so please make sure this option is available for everyone.  It is really the perfect thing to start dinner with.  

Thank you again and we hope that we can work with Windhorse in the future.

Posted on Jan. 31, 15
Brinda & Varun P
Nguyen Du, Ho Chi Minh City.

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