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It is one thing to toot your own horn, but something else when some speaks for you. Following are unedited testimonials of some of our past clients, many of whom will vouch for us.


Thank you for requesting feedback Anand.

I would like to start by sayings I greatly enjoyed visiting your country and found your compatriots to be very friendly and helpful while we were there. Our guide, Karma, was very helpful and did his best every day.  He was flexible and allowed us to make minor changes to the itinerary to improve the visit. The trekking crew was very good.  Our chef and assistants were excellent and very helpful.  We did not have a bad meal the entire trip. From arrival to departure, karma and the drivers were always punctual, had a smile on their faces and were happy to be with us.

A few thoughts about areas that could be improved.

- Auto safety: neither of the vans we used has safety belts for the guests

- Trekking safety: the brochure stated that there would be a decompression bag for parties of 4 or more, and we did not have one.  I recommend the trek leader carries an oxygen bottle and mask.  Several of our party had problems with the 4890m pass and required oxygen.

- Rhododendron festival: do not advertise it.  It was a huge disappoint

- camping equipment: the tents are very old and not 4 season.  These tents are the same model I used 20 years ago.  I would recommend upgrading the tents.

- The first 2 days of the trek need to be combined into 1.


These are suggestions for improvement.  We had a wonderful time and I would use Wind Horse again and would not hesitate to recommend them to friends


Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Patrick A M
Kansas, 67401, USA

Hello Jambay and Ugen,

we have just returned from Bhutan and wish to thank you for a very enjoyable and well organized trip. Our guide and driver were both excellent. Bhutan is indeed a wonderful country

Unfortunately I was remiss in paying the $25 outstanding to our guide and apologise for this. Is it possible to pay by credit card. If so let me know the easiest way.
It was also great to meet you both at the dinner in Thimphu.

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Alan & Gayle F
Greenwich, NSW, Australia

 Dear Anand,

My sincere apologies to reply to you so late! These past weeks have been quite hectic for Andre and I. Andre is already in Brazil working and I am in China preparing to join Andre as soon as I can.

Honestly, it was such a pleasure to meet you. It was so nice to talk to you and share our experiences. It really felt more like we were meeting a friend of a friend.Apart from being so astonished with the beauty of Bhutan and its people, it was such a pleasure to travel with windhorsetravel. It was a unique experience and most of all we felt like we were travelling with good old friends. It was so special for us to travel with Leiki and Kinley (I am sure I am still not getting the spelling of their names right!).

We shared so much together in 5 days. Our schedules were flexible and they were very detailed in proposing activities that would suit us particularly. Since the first time we eat the famous chili-cheese dish, we could not stop saying how much we loved it. On our last night, Leiki and Kinley had dinner with us in a charming restaurant and organized with the chef to teach me how to cook the chili-cheese dish.

Our experience with the windhorsetravel was very professional, yet very personal. We will never forget our experience and will always recommend you to friends who are planning to travel there.Most importantly, our hearts are with Leiki and Kinley through their stories and future life plans.

We also discovered that our lucky number is 9, which it has always been for me, and that our first son's Buddhists name will be Kinley Wanchuk ;)

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Alejandra F B L
Beijing, China

 Dear Mr Thapa

Thanks to our daughter Kirsi we have been able to make the trip to your beautiful country. We came home yesterday after a stay in Malaysia.
I must say both our two guides and the driver were perfect!!!!We really hope you can keep the traditions in your country going for a very long time.We were very satisfied about the hotels and the programme except for the last hotel in Paro. We thought the room was rather outlived and the food was not so good. Sonam arranged for us another place for dining!
Moreover the hotel was situated too far from the Centre. Besides that, we have no complaint if that was a complaint.We shall certainly recommend your organization but I am sure our daughter will do more and she is young!
Best regards, also to Mr Jambay who was so kind as to come and meet us.

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Winnie S
Brasschaat,2930, Belgian

I enjoyed my trip with Wind horse Travel immensely.

The guide & driver were excellent.  I am still amazed at how Rajeem(sp.) was able to provide safe & secure travel in spite of bumpy roads, traffic, construction delays, animals on the road, people on the road, etc. Penjour was outstanding as a guide. Whenever there was the smallest problem he seemed to appear out of nowhere to resolve it.
 My favorite memories are of the interactions with the Bhutanese people - we stopped on the road to visit with schoolchildren, we met a young woman weaving at the Takin Sanctuary, watching the students work at the Art School, & watching the monks 'bless' your offices. This was unexpected & felt as if we had just 'stepped' into a part of your day.
 My favorite hotel was the Tashi Namgay Resort.  It had the best location, the best food & an excellent staff. I had a soothing hot stone bath here that I recommend to anyone.
 The National Museum, Paro festival & the Tatshang walk were highlights.  Penjour was very helpful in guiding us through these experiences.
 If I were to visit again, I would add a small trek in the beginning to see a little more of the countryside.

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Pam B
Bloomington, Minnesota,55438, USA.

 Hi Anand,      Thank you for your email. There isn't much to improve on- the trip was wonderful. 

Jam bay may have told you I found the wait for confirmations of hotels and visas stressful. I am not used to travelling in packages, and more regular communication would have alleviated some of my stress, along with an initial email explaining the process and usual timelines. 

As you know, we were travelling with three children, and our guide was really great. If Windhorse has experience in dealing with families, I think you could capitalize on this more when advertising and when communicating with the families - kids don't like to do the same things as adults, and parents will be happy to know your company has this experience and can make itinerary suggestions based on this experience. Like taking horses up the mountain, going fishing or rafting - things that are available that will be of more interest to children. 

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Meagan, Micheal & Kids
Gatineau, Quebec, J8X3L7, Canada

Dear Anand,     It’s very nice to hear from you, and, yes, the Queen was the icing on the cake!  You are most welcome to use pictures from the album, though I’m not sure they can be downloaded at decent quality from the site.  Tim can send you whichever ones you’d like directly.  Just let him know.  I’ve copied him here, so you have his email address.

Some feedback:

The trip and itinerary were amazing!  Leky and Chimi were excellent.  We’ve been to many places where we’ve had guides and drivers, and I have to say, these two men were by far the best we’ve had to date.  Chimi always drove safely and carefully along the crazy roads—both on the way to other towns and on the way to other unplanned destinations.  As a mother, I cannot ask for anything more!

Leky took us to a farmhouse outside of Wangdue where the girls enjoyed playing with a baby calf and watching the cows be milked.  His “auntie’ invited us to lunch.  All around an enjoyable experience.  I told Leky that we would have really enjoyed a farmhouse stay at her place, so maybe this is something you would want to consider in the future.  Her place was extremely clean and welcoming.  I mentioned a farmhouse stay to Jambay, but he didn’t think it would be a good idea with the kids.  Certainly, they would have complained, but I think they would have gotten something out of it as well.  Just a thought for the future.

Hotels:  Hotel Druk was superb!  Highly recommend.  As for the Tenzingling, a few things:  Beautiful buildings, beds were fine, but the pillows were very hard.  Bathrooms were cold and shower curtains were moldy.  Our last morning in the hotel, all of us woke up with many small bug bites on our legs, arms, neck and feet.  I cannot say for sure if there was a bed bug issue, but it’s something worth mentioning to you.  I came home and washed everything on very high temperatures and steamed our luggage just in case.  I think you need to know in case others find an issue.

We also did not enjoy/sleep well at the Punatsangchhu Cottages.  Both beds and pillows were very hard.  The breakfast options were very limited.  Knowing this, Leky took us around the corner to a family place for dinner which was superb.

Some of the highlights for us were not actually on the itinerary but arranged by request with Leky: the whitewater rafting, the visit to the primary school in Wangdue, the farmhouse visit and the archery practice.  On the itinerary, we loved Punakha Dzong and the National Arts and Crafts school, and of course, our favorite: Tiger’s Nest.  We found it an easy climb but were very grateful to have the horses for the younger two and to have left early.

So, honestly, everything else was top notch.  We knew going into the trip that the hotel options would be sketchy, and having the Hotel Druk break up the other two was lovely.  Communication with Jambay was always quick and clear.  I appreciate that.  Please clarify your wording on the children’s ages.  According to the tourism council of Bhutan, it’s "if a child is  5 plus and not 6 she/he  will not have to  pay the tariff, but have to pay the Visa Fee of USD 40 one time.”

I hope this helps.  I’ve already had friends who would like our tour and itinerary information, and I will certainly pass them along and highly recommend Wind horse.  I saw on Google+ that you followed HK Sprint.  I actually don’t run the program anymore as I’m working at the school  

Wind horse should consider yoga/meditative retreats.  I would definitely sign up for that, or better yet, you arrange it and I’ll lead it! ;) Let us know if you need anything else.

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Heather, Tim & Family
Repulse Bay, USA

 It was terrific.Karma was an awesome guide and very knowledgeable

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Barbara K
Ontario, Canadian.

 I am still traveling so this will be brief. Karma was a fantastic guide his knowledge was encyclopedic! He should be paid more as he is an asset to your company. Also Baliman was excellent as well. Could not have been happier with driver and guide. A few suggestions the Dochula restaurant was not the best and we ate there four times! Same menu served two and half of the times. The communication with Minneapolis could have been much quicker, clearer and more responsive. The other women on the trip almost cancelled due to this. I received a tourist questionnaire at Paro airport asking if I got a discount for staying more than five nights! I did not why?

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Brad D.B
Albuquerque, New Mexico

 Dear Ugen and Jambay

I am writing to thank you for the fantastic tour we just completed and especially to let you know what a superb guide Sonam is. He was warm, caring, and attentive to our needs, extremely knowledgeable and his spirituality made Bhutan come alive for us. He truly is an excellent representative for both your company as well as for Bhutan.

In addition, the driver assigned to us was equally superb

Thank you

Posted on Apr. 10, 14
Richard V & Family & Mark & Family
New York 10011, USA

Dear Jambay, Namgyal, Djimmy and the others off the team of Windhorse,

Thank you so much for a great and memorable holiday in beautiful Bhutan.  Our trip was above expectations regarding Windhorse. From the moment we were picked up from the airport we felt special. Namgyal (Guide) and Djimny (Driver) gave us from the start a very warm welcome. But also the email correspondence upfront with Jambay or one of the other teammembers was very nice, quick responses and everything was very clear.  Namgyal is a very friendly and kind guide who speaks very well English. He knows everything about Bhutan and he can tell it in a nice way. Djimny is a very calm, friendly and safe driver and knows all the places in Bhutan.  


The guide and the driver were very patient and helpfull with us (also with our 3 and 5 year old kids). Everything we could discusss with them, they lowered the tempo if needed. They did everything to give us a pleasant stay. In our opion they did this in a very natural way. We think that they were enjoying the trip as well.   Because of Namgyal and Djimmy we had a great holiday and we could enjoy the nature, beauty and culture of Bhutan, so again for them, a BIG thanks!    Because of them we could climb up to the Tiger's nest with the kids. 

We gave Namgyal already our feedback regarding the hotels, some were great, some were beyond expectations, some hotels were good regarding the room, but disappointed in the food.  But overall we had a great stay in Bhutan. We would like to give you the suggestion, to tell the next travellers, that they will do some excercise, to make the sure they are in good condition, before the will come to Bhutan, so they will have it easier on the hiking.   It will be easier for them to climb the Tiger's nest.And we are not sure, if the food in Bhutan is not that diverse, but we would like to suggest to have some more variety in the food. After 6 days eating rice, noodles, chicken and chilli's &cheese and some vegetables for lunch and diner, you're done with it. We changed our plan for the last evening to have diner somewhere else.

For sure we will recommend Windhorse with our friends here in Chennai or back home in the Netherlands. And if we will make an other trip in the future we will sure think of Windhorse.

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Marlous & Family

 Dear Anand,

I have nothing but the highest praise for Windhorse; the recent tour I did of Bhutan and Nepal were first-rate and, in my opinion, could not have been better.
Regarding Bhutan, Sonam, my guide was just the best.  Informative, helpful, solicitous, friendly incredibly good at getting me "into" the inside of what makes Bhutan tick, Sonam was everything you could possibly want a guide to be. He made the whole trip so much fun.
Sonam our driver was, in exactly the same way, also everything you could possibly want.  Abel to negotiate the twistiest Road, I never felt once that Sonam did not know exactly what he was doing and I felt complete confidence in his ability to get us where we needed to go.
Pem (spelling?) in Nepal was equally terrific, informative, helpful, and courteous; I can't say enough good things about him.
I short, I had a terrific time, and if I hadn't caught a horrible bug on the Jet Airways flight home (which I'm only just getting over now), I would have been in touch earlier.
I will post all these views on Trip Advisor, you can be sure.
Many thanks for a wonderful experience, which I am still processing.

Posted on Jul. 25, 14
Andrea G P
Toronto, Ontario, M5P1E3 Canada

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