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Domkhar Tsechu

Domkhar festival in Chumey Valley of Bumthang district. Domkhar was established by Lama Kuenkhen Longchen Rabjam in the 16th century. Longchen Rabjampa (1308-63), pre-eminent scholar of Dranang, Tibet was revered as the great redactor and dexographer of Nyingma teachings par excellance. He promoted an special teaching of Dzogpa Chenpo (the great perfection). Towards the end of his life, we was exiled in Bhutan, where he founded eight monasteries throughout the country. The festival is observed every year on 10th -12th day of 3rd month of Bhutanese calendar at Domkhar village Temple.

Domkhar Tsechu
Festival NamePlace20182019
Domkhar TsechuChumey, BumthangApr 25-Apr 27Apr 14-Apr 16

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