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Losoong (Sikkimese New Year)

Losoong is the Sikkimese New Year. It is also called ‘Sonam Losar’ ( or the Farmer’s New Year ) for the farmer’s rejoice and celebrate their harvest. Losoong marks the end of the harvest season and also the end of the tenth month of lunar calendar. It is a traditional celebration to thank for the good harvest and to offer prayers for better in the next season. Although Losoong is celebrated privately among family members and friends, there is an air of festivity and the youth all over Sikkim have archery competitions. The festival is marked by Chaam (masked) dancing at Tsu-La-Khang Palace temple,in Phodong and in Rumtek. The dances symbolize the exorcizing of the evil spirits of the year and the welcoming of the good spirit of the New Year. It is best to see this festival in rural areas of Sikkim, where it is celebrated more pompously with traditional archery competitions and other events

Losoong (Sikkimese New Year)
Festival Name Place 2018 2019
Losoong (Sikkimese New Year) SikkimDec 08-Dec 12

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