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Saga Dawa

Saga Dawa falls on 15th of fourth month of Tibetan calendar and its the most auspicious day for Tibetans. The date coincides with three important events in the life of of Buddha; the birth, the Nirvana (transcendence or enlightment) and Parinirvana (death). It is holiest month and believe that all good deeds or virtues or prayers are multiplied many thousand fold. Special cermonies, prayers are held through out Tibet and Tibetan buddhist world. In Tibet or Lhasa in particular, almost everyone join in circumambulating round the city and spend their late afternoon on picnic at ” Dzongyab Lukhang” park at the foot of Potala. In General most people observe a vegetarian rule, refrain from killing domestic animals and give out alms during the month.

Saga Dawa
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