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Kinley Wangmo

Kinley Wangmo is among the few who let her passion govern to join the guiding. To put it simply -to see the world was the driving force behind it. She is very glad for her decision. Although, to a larger degree, her dream to travel world remain unconquered. But she gets enough opportunities to meet, interact with guests while leading a group. She has taken the art of conversation to a different league altogether. She once remarked ” Conversation is not all about explaining about the temple, Dzong and Bhutan, but also being interactive with guests so that they feel that they belongs there in conversation.”

After completing her higher Secondary from Punakha, she took a plunge headlong to pursue her passion so she enrolled for guiding course . Since 2011, she has been leading many tours and winning heart through her knowledge and informed ideas about country. But most important her amicable nature and this has been instrumental in guests proclaiming that ” Its not just impression of sheer beauty and moments that they carry but also Kinley as a good friend”.

guest reviews

  • Bhutan Tour & Short Trek for Ajay and Anne
    Bhutan Tour & Short Trek for Ajay and Anne USA Trip Date:
    5 -10 Nov, 2016

    Hi Ugen, It was nice to meet you yesterday at the airport and we hope your travels in China are going well. We would like to emphasize how pleased we were with Kinley during our time in Bhutan. She was very knowledgeable about the places we visited, she was always smiling and laughing, and she took every opportunity to make sure we were comfortable and happy. It was so nice being led be a female guide, and especially one who brought so much energy and humor not only to us but to all the local people she knows along the way. The

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  • Window to Bhutan For Andrew and Celia
    Window to Bhutan For Andrew and Celia New York, USA Trip Date:
    Aug 30 - Sept 05, 2016

    Hi there! Celia and I had taken part in the “Window to Bhutan Tour” from 8/30 – 9/5 and we would like to share some positive feedback with you regarding our tour guide (Kinley) and driver (Jigme). Both have taken care of us so well during our trip. Kinley was knowledgeable, attentive and definitely had a great sense of humour. Jigme was also friendly, conversational and attentive. More importantly, he was such a great driver that he transported us from point A to point B safely, despite some treacherous road conditions in your country! Both individuals have given us such a

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  • Bhutan Tour, June 2016
    Bhutan Tour, June 2016 Abeerden, Hong Kong Trip Date:
    June 23- 27, 2016

    Dear Anand, Windhorse is very efficient and organised in replying my emails, and settling all the itinerary and flight ticket problem for me. My tour guide, Kinley, is very friendly and I can feel that she really treated me as her friend instead of a client. This is the most impressive part throughout my journey in Bhutan. She is also very caring, and pay great attention to details, like the feelings and preference of client.All these qualities definitely make my trip a very memorable one. Thank you very much for all the arrangement in Bhutan. I really love the people, weather, and

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  • Customised Cultural tour with short winter trek. Eureka, California, USA. Trip Date:
    Feb 24 - March 7,2015

    TID - 8627 (Feb 24 - March 7,2015) Guide Kinley(Samtegang Winter Trek) Hi Anand, - Thanks for the reminder to share a few thoughts that you can use on the Wind Horse website. To clarify, we'd prefer not to use any picture of us, but you can use our names and the following text. Here you go: We've taken two tours to Bhutan with Wind Horse, and both were amazing, spectacular, inspiring, and unforgettable journeys.  My wife and I love to hike, and Wind Horse helped us put together itineraries where we could explore both the nature and culture of Bhutan on foot. Highlights

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