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Vijaya Gyawali

Bijaya Gawali permanent resident of Kausaltar, Bhaktapur, Nepal is one of the experienced City tour Guide in Kathmandu valley, Nepal. He has completed his bachelor degree from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal. He has got several pieces of training including City tour guide licence. He has started his career working in 4-star hotels in Kathmandu for 12 years. He has been working as a city tour guide in Kathmandu valley since He loves to meet new people, reading newspapers and listening music. When he has free time, he goes out with family and friends. Bijaya Gawali is not only the english speaking guide but also the french guide. His knowledge of French language gives him an edge in handling our French guest better. He has joined to this company since 2014, and he is well versed in both English and French language and taken care of our guest very well.

Small Group and Private Journeys

Small Group Journeys Small Group Journeys are set date trips (Scheduled Trips) designed for Travel with a small group of kindred-spirits travelers, sharing the enjoyment and experience of the destination(s).

You can take any of our Small Group Journeys and create an independent private trip with your own dates or choose from the collection of our Private Journeys.

Join-in Group Private Journeys

Private Journeys Join-in Group is a small group trip, that begins when one or two call to set up a tour for themselves according to their wishes and invite others to join.

Bhutan Airlines Representative

Bhutan Air Representative

Wind Horse is appointed the Bhutan Airlines Representative in USA. We are continue to patronise Druk Airlines, the national carrier of Bhutan.

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Desi Journeys by Wind Horse Tours

Desi Journeys by Wind Horse Tours

Desi Journeys is collection of trips to Bhutan & beyond...

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