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A perspective, a Company for Family – Wind Horse Tours & Travel Anand Thapa
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In past, we did receive rave review from the family group for their trip in Bhutan. It was playing in our mind since long to write a few words on blog. It all struck home when Meagan raised the idea. She and her husband with 3 kids traveled with us in April, 2014. She said “When I booked the trip with us I was apprehensive , how the kid will react and find the place. Moreover the kids are very young. It transpires that Bhutan is renowned, more for the cultural reckoning, peace and tranquility which the kids might find it loud”.

Sacha, the guide for Meagan's family
Sacha, the guide for Meagan’s family

At the end of the trip, this is what Meaghan has to say – An excerpt from the Meagan feed backs “As you know, we were travelling with three children, and our guide was really great. If Wind Horse has experience in dealing with families, I think you could capitalise on this more when advertising and when communicating with the families – kids don’t like to do the same things as adults, and parents will be happy to know your company has this experience and can make itinerary suggestions based on this experience. Like taking horses up the mountain, going fishing or rafting – things that are available that will be of more interest to children”.
Wind Horse has always stood tall with unwavering conviction in matter concerning the guide. Undoubtedly, they play a significant role in defining the outcome of the trip. We do have best in the business. For the family group, specifically guide are assigned keeping in mind their traits and nature. In the case of Meagan family, the guide was Sacha, father of 2 kids himself, soft spoken, well-educated, his fatherly concern and characteristic, help to gel with the kids very well. For instance, for the Taktsang Hike- quintessence of Bhutan Trip, which is invariably at the last leg of trip, the youngest kids only want Sacha to carry him back downhill, in fact till the Hotel.

Sheridan Family at Taktsang Monastery
Sheridan Family at Taktsang Monastery

Another family group, who visited Bhutan in April, 2014, Sheridan Family – Heather, Tim & their three lovely daughters, were really upbeat for their Bhutan trip. However, Heather, being a mother was feeling tentative and jittery travelling with very young kids. But what really helped to soothe the nerves was our guide Leky, popularly nicknamed Principal, for he was a teacher in government primary school. From the moment of pick up from airport till the end of the trip, his calmness and amicable nature serves and instill a sense of calmness and familiarity, for he could gel with the kids instantly. He was really innovative with the itinerary, he incorporated farm house visit which captured the kid’s imagination like playing with newborn calf, with other local children and running in field. This is what pleased the most to Heather and Tim for kids being themselves.

Rafting in Punakha river ( Sheridan Family)
Rafting in Punakha river ( Sheridan Family)

This is what Heather has to”˜The trip and itinerary were amazing! Leky and Chimi were excellent. We’ve been to many places where we’ve had guides and drivers, and I have to say, these two men were by far the best we’ve had to date. Chimi always drove safely and carefully along the crazy roads and both on the way to other towns and on the way to other unplanned destinations. As a mother, I cannot ask for anything more!

Leky took us to a farmhouse outside of Wangdue where the girls enjoyed playing with a baby calf and watching the cows be milked. His auntie invited us to lunch, all around an enjoyable experience. I told Leky that we would have really enjoyed a farmhouse stay at her place, so maybe this is something you would want to consider in the future. Her place was extremely clean and welcoming. I mentioned a farmhouse stay to Jambay, but he didn’t think it would be a good idea with the kids. Certainly, they would have complained, but I think they would have gotten something out of it as well. Just a thought for the future”.

Sheridan family with playing with the calf
Sheridan family with the new born calf

Leki summed up it well “they came as guests and went as a family”.


Leky, the guide
Leky, the guide, for Sheridan Family








Another family group, from United Kingdom, who traveled last year, during April, Jones family comprising of group of 4, a couple with 2 kids of 5 years & 10 years old. They had a great trip and this is what Mrs. Andrea has to say

Jones family, Oliver & Ellie at Taktsang Monastery
Jones family, Oliver & Ellie at Taktsang Monastery

“Wow! Thanks for an amazing trip. As a family we are still buzzing about it and are keen to come back to Bhutan for a longer stay! I’ve got to say that as a company, you have been fab from the start. You made it easy to book, put up with all my neurotic questions via email and gave us an amazing guide and driver whilst we were over there.
If anyone is looking at this page wondering whether to book or not, I can really recommend this company, especially if you are travelling with children as we did (5yo and 10yo). Yeshi, our guide was amazing with our son, as hopefully the photo shows”.
Yeshi, the guide, short in height but walks tall in term of discharging his responsibility. His youthful exuberance, high spirits easily rub off to people of all ages. Kids simply loved him.

Yeshi Penjor the guide
Yeshi Penjor,the guide, for Jones family

As a company, the quest never ceases to end to sew together all the thread to provide a memorable trip. It’s been over 15 years in the business. And it hadn’t been a walk in the park, to put all the elements into its rightful places. These feedback are not merely comments but this is what has given us impetus to up the ante and to keep the ball rolling in term of delivering every aspects of services.
I just can’t end this without expressing my gratitude to Meagan for encouraging to write, Heather & Tim for their unconditional supports and co-operations and for the photos. Last but not least, Mrs. Andrea for the amazing comments.

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