It all began here, the place where, for some, was the first trip abroad, where some of us, like new converts, enthusiastically got into the travel trade as guides and more. It became the place that formed, realized, and continues to invoke our travel dreams. With years of experience in the travel field as Wind Horse tours, we formally began operating tours Nepal in 1998. Many of us are from Nepal, although some are based here, and others have joined us in the USA. And rest are active in our India, Bhutan, and Tibet Operations.

We have a competent team in Kathmandu, supported by “select few: Guides who are passionate about travel to provide any travel or adventure-related activities in Nepal. We are, professionally driven to make sure that even the minutest of details are taken care of. Be it altitude-connected concerns or hygienic food provisions in camps. The element of safety and security also prevails a trait that is quintessentially Wind Horse. We are always prompt, enthusiastic, and ready to offer the best service to our clients.


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