Why choose Wind Horse Tours?

Why choose Wind Horse Tours?

Natives with knowledge and personal experience
Our local offices are staffed with native experts, giving you an inside-track, one of a kind physical, intellectual and spiritual journey. Our professional, indigenous guides are experts in ground logistics, ensuring that you will have an exceptionally informative, well-executed and authentic experience.

Top of the line hotels and English-speaking guides
Throughout the past decade, we have served thousands of seasoned travelers from around the world. We patronize top-of–the line hotels and restaurants, and provide you with gracious, English-fluent, local guides. In every way but cost, our well-tested tours, treks and expeditions are every bit as luxurious and dependable as more expensive expeditions.

A leading tour company in Himalayas
Wind Horse Tours is a well-known brand in the Himalayas. It is one of the leading tour operators known throughout the Himalayan region for its professionalism and integrity in the treatment of everyone, including staffs, vendors, and clients.

Although we have a track record of 25 years, we are always striving to improve each day !

With interconnected Sales offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, planning is much easier and transactions are  secure
It’s an advantage for travelers from around the world to work with our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. We are accessible via e-mail, secured online chat, and a toll-free phone number at any time of day or night. We have live customer service representatives on both sides of the Atlantic who understand your excitement to travel, and provide prompt responses to your questions. With Wind Horse Tours, you will communicate, plan and execute secured transactions with ease, eliminating the hassle of wiring money to a third party overseas for unsecured transactions, so common with remote, overseas tour operators. We have established a secured FDIC payment method using VISA, MasterCard, American Express and all other major credit cards.

Flexibility and personalization
As the natives of the areas we operate, we know every valley and stream in our lands and delight in customizing the best possible journey for you, based on your needs, your interests and your special requests. We custom-design each journey, always mindful of your comfort and safety, and showering you with native hospitality.

The Wind Horse team is comprised of hardworking, dependable and highly ethical individuals with personal experience in every aspect of the service we provide you.

Wind Horse Tours retains corporate membership in other professional tourism  such as the Better Business Bureau,  the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators, India Association of Tour Operators, Nepal Tourism Department, Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal TAAN, Travelife and many others with outstanding track records for many years !

Reasonable prices
We strive to keep our prices reasonable to make travel possible for people of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Wind Horse Tours is an active tour company in Bhutan, India and Nepal with a government issued license. This means there are no middlemen for us, and no need to mark up prices like so many other travel companies do. We refrain from mass advertising – printing and mailing expensive, colorful catalogs – thus minimizing our overhead (and our environmental impact). We pass these operating savings on to you.

Your adventure. Our expertise.

Difference with Windhorse

Wind Horse Tours is well established adventure travel outfitter since 1998. We specialise in small group journeys and personalised custom private trips to Bhutan, India, Nepal and Tibet. Guide Books, Bhutan Tourism and several popular travel organisation recognises Wind Horse Tours as a leading tour operator for the region.

Windhorse Tours - Effortless Booking

Effortless Booking

Simple, user-friendly steps for seamless and stress-free reservation experience.

Windhorse Tours - Top Guides

Top Guides

We use select Few Guides who embody studiousness, honesty, empathy, and genuine passion for travel

Windhorse Tours - Good Network

Good Network

With our well-connected local network, your travel experience will be seamlessly smooth.

Windhorse Tours - Priced Right

Priced Right

Fair Prices, ensuring value for money and satisfying travel experience.

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