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No amount of words can define and vindicated the audacious diversities that Indian seemingly take into its folds. It may sound cliche’ but the diversities are real and overlaps with contradictions sinuously. In fact it’s a sustaining paradox!. Taking a closer look you will find an undercurrent of functioning diversities and contradictions that breathe in unison. It is rampant and visible within a few kilometre of driving distance

Apart from its diversities in field of cultures, traditions, arts, demographic, geopolitic etc, India has inherited a rich and varied history and legacies that it envelope in its areas. It harbours some of the finest historical as well as contemporary monuments, that hardly fail to draw a response of awe and amazement. In North, Himalayas provide some breathtaking landscape. In south, age old tradition of Ayurveda on bank of Kerala back water. In west, rich tradition, history and captivating historical monuments in semi arid region of Rajasthan . In east, it offer rewarding glimpses into quaint and serenity of its people and places.

India is the land where every little episode of moments for instance riding a rickshaw, visiting a crowded markets, haggling with roadside vendors over your much liked souvenirs etc can add a new dimensions to your experiences.

If there is need to offer insight or expertise to translate or unravel these diversities, contradictions and to some, enigma and intricate of spiritualism and religion that you encounter at every corner then it surely has to be in India. This is where Wind Horse Tours make its presence felt. Merely travel books, online travel blogs provides informations corresponding to proverbial tip of iceberg, for more profound and meticulous approach the experts are paramounts. And these expertise and knowledge doesn’t come by being just Indian. It comes with time, experience and the desire to know the trade. Wind Horse Tours was established in 2005, and the experiences in this arena  precedes its formations. As the team comprised of guides and former CEO of reputed travel company who had lead countless tours for the western guests in prior.

Moreover, Wind Horse Tours office in Delhi is the melting pot, with individual forming the team are from varied regions of the country. Their insight offers the vigilant introspection while forming an itinerary.

Besides the regular works of ticketing for Air, Train or buses, we offer tailor made itineraries, which is time tested and based on personal experiences of local region or through guides and past guests feedbacks. Upholding your inclination and interests we can customised it further to meet your liking half ways.

Travel with us and feel the difference!!!

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