As the meals are included in Bhutan, we would like to know how it’s going to work

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Will we go only in restaurants where we’ll find a buffet? Is it a bit flexible and possible to go in local restaurants or will we be taken only in restaurants for foreigners? We wouldn’t appreciate to eat only western food…. Please tell your guide we would highly appreciate his help to choose and try local food,

Meals in Bhutan are included. They are generally included in the hotels and lodges where you spend the night. However, the guide will also offer a choice for you to try out some local restaurants which are clean and above acceptable conditions. If you wish to eat outside more frequently, try really local and no tourists’ restaurants, you can inform the guide, and he/she will arrange for it. We do not preplan where every meals is going to be, so that there is flexibility for our clients and guide. If there are some long drives, or busy itinerary and stopping for hot lunch is not possible, picnic lunch (Sandwiches, Juice, fruits, eggs etc) are brought along.

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