How can I leave the smallest environmental footprint when visiting Nepal?

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Environmental degradation in term of litters, recyclable wastes poses a serious problem that is rampant and plaguing the ecological balance at high camp and plains alike in Nepal.  Though, stringent measures are undertaken to improve it but sadly, there is still long way to go as  littering is still widespread in Nepal and don’t be under the impression that your trash is getting hiked out from the mountains even if placed in a vessel. Make sure to bring a water purification system so that you don’t need to rely on plastic bottles. You will also notice that a small proportion of inconsiderate trekkers before you have left trash behind at high camps, a chronic problem in the Himalayas. It may be tempting to lighten your load before slogging over a 17,000-foot pass but resist the temptation and do your part in keeping the Himalayas beautiful.

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