How “fixed” is the itinerary of the tour?

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How “fixed” is the itinerary of the tour?? If we like a place very much, can we stay longer there?? If we don’t like something can we move to the next place? I understand there are hotel reservations to be changed, but is this possible? Are there any fees associated with changing anything in the tour?

Changing a tour, after you are in Bhutan is completely possible. If it is just a minor change of places or attraction to visit, most often our Guide can decide instantly and make the changes. However, where changes involve changing the place of the stay, some hotels may charge cancellation charges and at other times, there may also be difference in the costs between hotels. So, as long as you are ready to bear the extra costs, if any, there is usually no problem for us to change. Cancellation charges are generally applicable during the peak tourists’ seasons.

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