I understand that a small SUV is included in the tour for the whole period; the car is for only the two of us plus our driver/guide. Is this true?

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Travel Information that answers questions regarding our transportation can be found on our website. https://www.windhorsetours.com/bhutan/travel_information_bhutan_travelinfo.php Toyota Hiace Van or Hyundai Van, SUVs or Sedan cars are provided for Bhutan tour. However we try to provide SUVS for all tours going beyond Thimphu and Paro as long as it is available. These SUVs are Hyundai Tucson, Santa Fe or similar with average of 1-4 years old. They are required to be in good conditions for tourists by law. All the vehicles are equipped with both AC and heating system. Air-con is not required and also not used due to terrain. Heat is also not required unless you are coming in winter. In addition to above vehicles, if you want more luxurious SUV, such as Toyota Land Cruiser, we can also arrange those for you. They cost from US$ 80 onwards per day extra. For some reason, you don’t like the vehicle for any legitimate reasons; we can always change it for you. And yes in a private tour, there will just the two of you, along with one guide and driver.

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