I understand that we will have to pay in advance for the whole tour (air and land in Bhutan).

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Regarding our cancellation policy etc., let me direct to our website, where you can read through our booking terms and cancellation policies. Go http://www.windhorsetours.com/booking/reservation.php This should explain you clearly the booking terms. However, in special circumstances, and you are not covered by insurance, we will treat the matter as humanely as possible; we will do the best to obtain refunds from our suppliers, hotels and Tourism Council of Bhutan, Druk Air and make refunds accordingly. Druk Air cancellations policies are not specific and are subject to change from time to time. At time of the print, they give full refund (less $50 per flight) if you cancelled 45 days prior to the trip and thereafter there is at least 50% cancellation fees and no refunds for last minute cancellations and no shows. If you just change the date of travel, usually Druk Air will just charge fees. Druk Air policies change constantly and so we will do the best as possible and charge minimal service charge. However we highly recommend you to buy Travel Insurance that covers for these cancellations. You can check our website under travel center for Travel Insurance (for North America resident).

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