Transit airport hotel in Delhi without visa

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The procedure is as follow, once you disembark  in Delhi, hotel representative will meet you on the gate and he/she will assist with the claim of your luggages.Or, if they are not around, you will be assisted  by staff toward the next course of action in transfer desk in transist. However please ensure that you don’t walk further away from the transfer desk towards Immigration checkpoint. Consequently, it may invite delays or  held you up for questioning.
After you meet the hotel staff,  Then walk for 8 to 10 minutes  to reach  the hotel in international wing ( level 5). The following day the hotel representative will again help with the transfer of your luggages and escort you  till the departure gate in level 2 for your Druk Air flight.
As for boarding pass of Druk Air, the hotel will assist in obtaining it for which 72 hours prior information window is necessary. And also copy of your druk air ticket and passport copy along with it.
In any case, you have to send an email stating your requirements and they will let you know the documents and details required for the process.

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