What are common means of transportation to travel within Tibet?

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Travel within Tibet is mainly by motor vehicle or trek. The only railway recently started connects Lhasa via Golmud to other main cities. The other airports such as in Nyingchi and Chamdo hardly function as commercial airport at this time. Trekking, motor Vehicle, motor biking, mountain biking is the way to get around. Depending on the group size, route and road conditions, we can provide excellent transports of wide choices. For travel itinerary that involves rough road driving, off road excursions, it is best to use large SUVs such as 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser 4500 or 80 models and similar brand in Mitsubishi and Nissan. Sedan Cars, Small and medium size Vans such as Toyota Hiace, Coasters, Ford, Tempo are available for small groups and for travel in decent road condition. Large buses are available for larger groups. Generally speaking, most travel with Wind Horse for Tibet is individuals, doing many off the beaten road travels and hence we tend to use 4WD 4500 Toyota Land Cruiser. For pictures of the transports available in Tibet for tourists, please visit our photo gallery with Tibet transports.

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