What dietary or local culinary experiences should I expect during my trip to Nepal?

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Many people with different travel need visit Nepal, these have given birth to many restaurants and hotel particularly in tourist’s hub like Kathmandu and Pokhara, it caters different international cuisine such as Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Indian and so on. There are adequate culinary options on offer if you visit Kathmandu and Pokhara, once you move away from these place, it might get limited with the option. It make much sense to try out local cuisine, and people can’t think beyond “Newari cuisine” by the original local Inhabitant of Kathmandu “ Newar”, they have rich culinary history,

The staple food of Nepalese people is “daal, bhaat,tarkari” (lentil soup, curried vegetables with rice). Tarkari or curried vegetables can be bit spicy, hot and oily to people who are not used to eating spicy, hot and oily food. To avoid any stomach problems in Nepal, I would suggest any guests to stick with their normal spiceless food. Daal and Bhaat are not spicy, so go ahead and taste them. For tarkari, I feel you should gradually try it in very less amount. Another thing that one should be aware of while arriving in Nepal is Drinking Water. Drink only bottled mineral water unless you are sure that the water is boiled and filtered. Since Nepal is a Hindu Kingdom, beef is strictly prohibited among both the Hindus and Buddhist. Hence it is little bit difficult to find restaurants that offer beef.

For drinking, Nepal produces over half a dozen of larger and light beers. Dark beer is available. An amazing variety of other hard liquor such as rum, whiskey, gin, vodka etc. is also produced in Nepal. Imported liquors are available at exorbitant prices. You will also come across a few types of Nepalese home brewed alcohol called “raksi” or “ayla” along your trekking routes. Bottled water is available everywhere, and should be the only water you drink. Coke, Pepsi and other major international brand name sodas are also available.

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