What is the baggage allowance on Druk Air? If have excess luggage, what are the charges? As a business class passenger, am I allowed extra weight? Can I upgrade to business class on Druk Air, once I have purchased the tickets?

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Druk Air allows 2 piece of total 20Kgs (44.2 pounds) to check-in. Druk Air also allows one carry-on of 5 kilos (11pounds). The luggage dimensions remain same as other international flights. Druk Air is generally quite lenient to allow some excess weight without fees. Following is the cost in US$, that one would have to pay for excess luggage for each extra Kg. From or to Bangkok $5, from or to Delhi $4, from or to Kathmandu and Kolkata $2.25. These extra costs were received at the time of print and you should consider it only as an approximate indicator. If you are planning to carry heavy equipment or your luggage measure more than regular dimensions of suitcase, you should check with your international flights first and then check with Druk Air. Please note that Druk Air also allow passenger travelling on Business class to check-in 10kilos extra without additional charges. You can upgrade to business class if the seats are available at the airport. If you wish to upgrade to business class in advance, after the tickets have been purchased, there is an additional fee of $25 in addition to the fare difference.

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