What is the common form of Greeting in Nepal? How to do it? What does it signify? What are the dos’ and don’ts in Nepali custom?

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It is called Namaste or Namaskar. You can say the greeting in words as well as do it using a gesture. Join your palms together and bring them close to your chest and about 5 to 7 inches below your chin. The word Namaste has many meanings such as Hello, How are you ?, I am glad to see you, nice to meet you, good morning, etc.

•             Take off your shoes before entering a temple or one’s home

•             Ask for permission before entering a  temple

•             Taking photographs inside the most temples are mostly prohibited

•             Ask for permission before taking photographs of objects, and including Nepali people.

•             Nepali people are laid back and friendly by nature. Have a genuine interest in them. Talk to them. Be friendly as you travel.

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