What is the education scenario in Bhutan?

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The development of comprehensive education system in Bhutan was initiated in 1961. Prior to that there were no modern education facilities inside Bhutan, apart from the traditional education given in the monasteries. Today there is an extensive network of schools and other educational institutions throughout the country. Entry into the formal education system starts at the age of six when children are admitted into pre-primary classes. While the medium of instructions in schools is English, Bhutan’s national language Dzongkha is taught as a compulsory subject from primary to college level. School curricula also include religious instructions, training in traditional arts and crafts and agriculture. As of August 2010 report the number of school students enrollment is more than 2,00,000, there are more than 6000 teachers, the enrollment rate is 89% and literacy rate is 60%. There are 395+ educational institutes and one university.

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