What is the transist procedure, luggage transfer and arrangment of boarding Pass?

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Check in counters are available only in departure and open three hours prior to departure time.
Pre check in can be done on basis of your passport, ticket and Visa verification, which can be scanned and send to Delhi Station. Once the documents are satisfactory we will be issuing the boarding pass in advance and make them available in transit area generally in transist/ transfer  desk. It is strongly advised not to go beyond the desk and further across immigration check point. Consequently it may result in delays or held you up for the questionings.
For luggage, once you land in Delhi, inform the ground staff of arrival flight, once informed it will be official responsibility  to handle the transiting along with baggage to hand over to Drukair ,  On our hand we will too coordinate from our end.
In case the waiting hours are more , guest can have the option of transit hotel too.(Eaton Smart transist Hotel). Once you booked the hotel , they will provide all facilitation from their end from flight  arrival till Druk departure  which include boarding pass service , baggage service, assistance for arrival and departure.

Eaton Smart New Delhi Transist Hotel.

Concerning the information for  transist procedure and related documents to be sent, please find the corresponding email address of station manager for Druk Air in Delhi
delkkkb@drukair.com.bt  CC to anshu.c@drukair.com.bt

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