What kind of transport / vehicles do you use, during our travels in Bhutan?

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Generally speaking, for groups, we either provide Coaster Bus or Hiace Van and Hyudai H1 Van. All these Van and Buses’ seats reconfigured to allow more leg room. Hiace/H1 can seat up to 5-7 passengers and the Guide & Driver comfortably in the front. In the back, it has 3 rows of 2 passenger seats and one bucket seats on each row. Compared to family van in the west, it is slightly wider and has one extra row of !. Coaster Bus has rows of two seats on one side and one seat on the other side. We have 2 types of Coaster Buses. The smaller coaster can fit 15-16 passengers comfortably and the large coaster can fit 19 passengers comfortably. Small SUV or Hiace Vans are provided for individual travelers. Premium/ Luxury SUVs such as Toyota Prado/Land Cruisers can be rented at supplemental charge ranging from $30-60 extra per day.

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