What Luggage Bag should I bring on the trek in Bhutan: I know that in your pre-departure notes, it says not to bring hard suitcases and that you prefer duffel bags? Can it be soft-sided duffel on wheels with a telescoping handle?

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For trek at Wind Horse Tour, luggage are carried by pack animals (in most case by mules/ponies) and sometimes in the higher regions by Yaks. Porters are rarely or never used. Before going on the trek, you can store non-trek items with our office or at hotel and bring only those that are necessary for the trek. So you need to consider bringing 2 luggage bag; one for trek and one that you can store non-trek items to be left behind, in addition to your daypack. The luggage bag for the trek must be duffel bag and not hard case. If you are using a suitcase and need to rent or purchase duffel locally for a trek, inform us in advance. Yes, it can also be a soft-sided duffel on wheels with a telescoping handle and recommended size for duffel bag should not exceed 17”X13”X34’. Although we do not impose weight or size limits strictly, you should note consider following points a) If the luggage bag is too long, the ponies or mules being short may drag it along. And if luggage bags are too wide, the animals may rub them against the walls and trees, especially where the path ways are narrow b) Our crews determine the number of pack-animals required based on the size and if you are bringing more than a usual trekker or traveler would, you must inform us in advance. c) For additional protection of your luggage, we put your luggage bag into our duffel bag but despite all of these efforts, sometimes your bags may still get wet and torn

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