What sort of an aircraft does Druk Air have? How are the seat assigned on Druk Air? Druk Airlines aircraft, configuration, history etc. Is there any other Airlines operating other than Druk air?

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Druk Air began its first flight on 14 January 1983 using an 18-seat Dornier 228-200. After the procurement of two BAE 146-100 aircrafts and additional routes to Bangkok, Delhi and Kathmandu began in Nov 1988. Then the first commercial flight with an Airbus A319 began on 31 October 2004. Druk Air currently has two Airbus A319. The seating capacity of these crafts is 124 passengers with 8 business class and 116 coach seats). The seats are in single aisle, with rows of 3 seats on each side in coach and 2 seats on each side in business class. There is at least one flight operating daily from Bangkok to Paro, they tend to add flights depending on the flow of the passengers. It also operates from Kathmandu, Singapore Kolkata, Bagdogra and Guwahati but it is confined to few days in a week. Moreover it’s subjected to frequent change in schedule. In order to have exact idea of the schedule, Please refer to Airlines websites.

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Druk Air Airbus 319

Yes, Bhutan Airlines, Bhutan’s first privately owned Airlines started its operation on October, 10, 2013.

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Bhutan Airlines ( Airbus- 320 with seating capacity of 150 seats)

It’s an Airbus 320 with seating capacity of 150 seats. Presently, it operates daily to Paro- Kolkata – Bangkok only. Plans are proposed to expand the routes to Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong and Mumbai.

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