What type of insurance should I need to have before coming to Nepal? Can I get insurance there?

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No, It is not possible to get insurance in Nepal. It is a condition of joining any of our trips that be protected against full expenses potential to incur due to medical issues or accidents (to include air ambulance, helicopter rescue, and treatment costs). Please be noted that we don’t arrange or sell insurance.

Travel insurance is strongly recommended for everyone who signs up with us. You are firmly recommend that be careful while choosing a policy as some make special exceptions for adventure travel. Before buying insurance make sure your insurance company is aware of the itinerary that you are going to undertake and is agreeable to cover all activities being undertaken in the trip. Such as if you are planning trekking in the Himalayas your insurance must cover emergency air ambulance/helicopter rescue including medical expenses. For group tours in urban areas, your insurance coverage of ambulance or helicopter rescue is not mandatory, however, better to have with them too. You need to send us your copy of your insurance policy (e.g. your insurance certificate) or carry it with you while you come on the trip.

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