When in Bhutan, can I call home and what is the best way to do so? Are there mobile phone services in Bhutan? What cell phone equipment do I need? Internet facilities in Bhutan.

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You can call home using a landline and the best way to do so is to go to a local phone booth instead of calling from your hotel. Hotels/Lodges tend to charge much higher and there are usually service fees in addition to the charge. At the local PCO (phone booth), the calls are metered and as you speak, you can see the charges. Mobile phones: Currently, following two cell phone networks operate in this country/area; B-Mobile (unit of Bhutan Telecom) and Tashi Cell (unit of Tashi Infocomm). Both of them partner with several world carriers such as AT& T, T Mobile, Vodaphone etc. You should check with your carrier if they have roaming with either one of the carriers or what they charge per each minute. The cheapest and best way is to bring world phone equipment (GSM 900/1800 unlocked) and buy a local simcard for relatively cheap. Incoming calls on your cell phones are free and so all you do is provide your number. If you want a phone number in advance before leaving home, Wind Horse can arrange (for our clients) such sim card and provide number to you in advance for US$25 that includes the costs of simcard. Internet facilities are available in most of hotels, lodges in the country. The speed may not be good but you can check and send your mails. If you are Thimphu and wish to access high-speed internet, you can visit our office. We do not charge our guests!

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