Who can issue Inner Line Permits (Sikkim)?

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Who can issue Inner Line Permits (Sikkim)?

The following competent authorities have been designated to issue inner line permits:

All Indian Missions abroad

Ministry of Home Affairs

All Foreigners Registration Officers

Immigration Officers at Airports at Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai and New Delhi

Deputy Commissioner, Darjeeling


Deputy Secretary/Under Secretary, Home Department, Govt. of West Bengal, Calcutta

Government of Sikkim

Chief Secretary, Gangtok

Home Secretary, Gangtok

Secretary, Tourism, Gangtok

I.G.P. of Police, Gangtok


Resident Commissioner, Sikkim House, New Delhi

Deputy Secretary, Tourism, Siliguri

Resident Commissioner, STCS, Calcutta

Tourism Officer, Rangpo

Clearly, there are numerous authorities from which to obtain inner line permits. If one plans in advance it is best to take an endorsement on the visa itself for permission to visit Sikkim from Indian Missions when applying for Visa to visit India. Once in India, it could be most convenient to approach Government of Sikkim authorities at Delhi, Calcutta and Siliguri.

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