Hello everyone!

Hello everyone! Heera Lama
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Good afternoon from the Himalayas, a land where myths and legends are as elusive as the snow leopard that inhabits these mountains. This wild cat captivates wilderness enthusiasts, but it’s not the only attraction. Legends, folklore, and the majestic, towering peaks inspire awe as you approach them along the trails.

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Today, I’m sharing a few clicks that I captured during my time serving as a facilitator.

Thank you.

IMG 20231209 WA0007 Windhorse Tours
Happy grand Pa

IMG 20231216 WA0012 Windhorse Tours IMG 20231218 WA0006 Windhorse Tours IMG 20231127 WA0003 Windhorse Tours IMG 20231127 WA0011 Windhorse Tours IMG 20231123 WA0018 Windhorse Tours IMG 20231124 WA0013 Windhorse Tours

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