Waxing moon

Waxing moon Heera Lama
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The day we left

Sickle shape curve

Was drawn up.

In Ghermu.

Then climb up to Chipla

To experience local.

To understand the simplicity

Of the way they live.

Via Tal to Timang

We settle to see Manaslu

Then to Pisang

To smile with Annapurna.

Uphill to Ghyaru and Nagwal.

Employing our feet.

Where nice

Korean couple we meet.

Nicely we talk.

Compass was adding

More lines of the curve.

Geography was changing.

Fluttering flags

Were singing.


By the old Gompa

We arrive in Braka.

Artitecture and the statues

Were worth appreciating.

Then to the frozen lake

We climb.


A couple of Rudyshelduck

Were floating on the

Unfrozen corner of the lake.

In such freezing and

Harsh weather

Of the high mountain.

Looks embelished

Golden bird on the

Blue waters.

Blue surface where

Semi circular curve formed

And strewn coruscate

Luminous beams Land.

We were still drawing.

Struggling to complete

the circle our legs were:

The drawing compass

And a whole Geometry

We walk  to make

A circle.

Higher and higher we went

And finally Struggle:

In a cold morning to the pass,

Unlike previous days,

Bit cloudier.

Though we made it

Over 5416.

Climax of the Trip

Slowly heading

To the equilibrium.

While perambulating


The moon we see

From the beginning till the end.

Each day our journey was:

Waxing to the moon.

In two weeks

The moon we found

In the sky was full.

And our journey

Complete visiting

Muktinath( god of salvation).

And I hope Davy!

You must be enlightened:

From the dark fortnight

To the luminous

Full moon.


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