Train Journey on Tibetan Plateaus

Qinghai to Tibet – Highest railways journey in the world.

Tibet, a land jealously guarded by geographical difficulties, that remained shrouded with mysteries and myths for centuries is now accessible by train. This unusual train journey begins from Qinghai province of China, crosses Kunlun and Tanglangla mountain ranges to arrive in Lhasa. It’s first

maiden tourist voyage run competed on 1st July 2006. Qinghai-Tibet section of the railway is the world’s highest railway with 960km of the total 1,956Km of the track located 4,000 meters above the sea level (the highest point at 5,072 meters). It takes about 26 hours to complete this journey of a lifetime. All the carriages of the trains including sleeping cars, dining car and sightseeing cars, are equipped with oxygen supply system and every passenger is provided with an oxygen mask. On the way several stations have been built near the major view points.
On this trip, visit Qinghai’s highlights: active Kumbum monastery, one of the largest and Qinghai lake with thousand of birds. Board the overnight train to Lhasa and visit the highlights of U and Tsang region.
Be the first ones to ride the train on the highest railway and view the wilderness and astounding scenery abroad very comfortable train said to be the most luxurious one in all of China.

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 Train Journey on Tibetan Plateaus

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