Drukpa Tshezhi

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First Sermon of Lord Buddha

Drukpa Tshezhi is observed to celebrate the auspicious day when Lord Buddha gave his first sermon of the Four Noble Truth to his first five disciples at the Deer Park at Sarnath. Commemorating this sacred event that reminds every human being about nobility, mankind, and a righteous way of life. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year in numerous parts of the world. The festival is held on the 4th day of the 6th month of the Buddhist lunar calendar and the dates can vary between each region. Dates in Tibet or Bhutan may be different from one in Sikkim or Darjeeling. In Sikkim, the festival is held on the 4th day of the sixth month according to the Tibetan Lunar Calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, it falls somewhere between July and August.

The Deer Park in Gangtok and Muguthang in extreme North of Sikkim serve as two major hosts for this festival. In Gangtok, Drukpa Tshezhi is marked by prayers at the Deer Park. In Muguthang in extreme North Sikkim, the festival is celebrated by holding a Yak race. Through-out Darjeeling and Sikkim, the temples and monasteries hold prayers and religious ceremonies to mark the occasion. Devotees and travelers from across the neighboring towns and countries gather at the celebration grounds to be part of these festive prayers that bring peace, harmony, and prosperity to their lives. If you happen to visit this region during Drukpa Tshezhi, you will be able to witness these celebrations or attend prayers.

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