Gasa Tsechu

Gasa Tsechu festival is held in Gasa Dzong, the district head quarter of remote villages of Laya & Lunana. The great thing about Gasa Tsechu, apart from its remoteness is that you get to see many people from Laya and Lunana villages come here. The dresses and jewellery of  women from Laya is particularly unique. Gasa is around 3hr drive north west from Punakha town.

The three day festival is similar to festival held in other dzong, where monks and lay people showcase ancient tradition of mask dances, folk singing, and dances. The small town of Gasa comes alive with shops and vendors from around the country.


Festival Name Place From To
Gasa Tsechu Gasa Dzong Mar 17, 2024 Mar 19, 2024