Gyegu Horse Race festival in Yushu

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The largest horse race festival in Tibetan areas is held near the town of Gyegu or Jyekundo in Yushu County, under Qinghai province. The town is most commonly called by the name of the prefecture or county, Yushu, of which it is the administrative center. Yes, it is the same place where tragic earthquake struck in April 2010. During the festival, at least 50,000 people come from surrounding Kham and Amdo areas to see the festival. A large area of open spanse of land, just a kilometer or two from the town is the place where most events are held and the area is covered with camping tents stretching up the slopes and sides of the valley. The sight and the valley is very spectacular and the weather is at its best at this time. The farmers and nomads make this one of their main holiday event.

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