Jakar Tsechu

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Jakar Tsechu festival takes place in the main center of Bumthang district, within the premises of Jakar Dzong. This three-day annual Tsechu festival in Bhutan is celebrated in the courtyard of Jakar Dzong, showcasing a variety of sacred mask dances alongside traditional folk songs and dances. Attendees adorn themselves in their finest attire, and the festival ranks among the most popular attractions for tourists. It typically occurs in mid-autumn.
During these three days, Jakar Tsechu also serves as a local holiday, with schools, local administration offices, and national institutes remaining closed.

Festival NamePlaceFromTo
Jakar TsechuJakar, BumthangNov 10, 2024Nov 12, 2024
Jakar TsechuJakar, BumthangOct 29, 2025Nov 01, 2025
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