Nomad Festival

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The nomads’ festival is held annually in Nagsephel, Bumthang. Diverse cultures and way of lives will be on display with nomads from Haa, Paro, Thimphu, Gasa, Wangduephodrang, Bumthang, Trashiyangste and Trashigang participating in the festival. The festival apart from promoting eco-tourism in the country will also help people from within the country as well as abroad understand and appreciate rich nomadic culture and their harmonious co-existence with the pristine alpine environment. The nomads will be able to supplement their income through sale of livestock products and the local communities will also benefit from catering services and lodging charges offered to people attending the festival. Various nomadic herders can come together and share their culture with each other, and nomadic products will also be show cased. The festival is also aimed to make the nomadic way of life socially and economically attractive to the younger generation. Apart from exhibitions there will be interesting competitions like yak riding, yak bull lassoing and traditional sports, cultural programs and sale counters. Unique cuisines from Lingshi, Laya, Lunana, Bumthang, Bomdeling and Sakteng will also be on display for all those who literally want to taste the nomadic culture.

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