Prakar Duchhoed

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The annual Prakar Duchhoed festival takes place at Prakar Lhakhang in Chummey gewog, Bumthang. This centuries-old temple, built by Tenpe Nyima, grandson of the revered saint Pema Lingpa, holds a rich legend. It is said that prophecies guided Tenpe Nyima to construct the temple at the confluence of two rivers, where white monkeys were believed to assist in its nightly expansion. The festival, celebrated to honor Lama Thukse Dawa, son of the 15th-century Buddhist master Terton Pema Lingpa, features various mask dances performed as part of the festivities.

Festival NamePlaceFromTo
Prakar DuchhoedChumey Valley, BumthangNov 16, 2024Nov 18, 2024
Prakar DuchhoedChumey Valley, BumthangNov 06, 2024Nov 08, 2024
Prakar DuchhoedChumey Valley, BumthangNov 06, 2025Nov 08, 2025
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