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Sakewa is one of the most significant cultural and religious festivals for the Kirat Khambu Rai community. This festival corresponds to the Ubhauli festival of Nepal. In Nepal, this festival marks the migration phase of the Kirat people upwards towards the hilly regions when the summer season arrives. Kirati community is known to be devoted to nature. Therefore, they celebrate Sakewa by worshipping the land and performing a traditional dance. Moreover, it is an agricultural festival. The deities of land and crops are worshipped every year for a good harvest, peace, and prosperity in the community. During the festival, prayers are offered to the natural supreme power. The creator of the universe, for peace, protection, and wellbeing of all living beings.

It is an annual festival celebrated as a tribute to mother nature. After the completion, of the ritual, a large mass of people of different ages wearing traditional dresses, dance together in a circle. The male leader is known as Silimangpa, and similarly, the female leader called Silimangma controls the dance, and others follow them. The dance style known as Sili reflects different aspects of human life and human relation with nature. Sakewa Sili is performed where dancers imitate the movements and sounds of birds, beasts, and nature. This dancing ritual starts with the Chula puja. Chula is the Kitchen, the source of food and life.

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