Tamu Lhosar

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Tamu Lhosar is a celebration of Gurung’s New Year. Moreover, the Tamu Lhosar marks the beginning of the Tamu Sambat or Gurung Calendar Year. The Gurung community of India and Nepal celebrates this festival.  As per the Bikram Sambat calendar. Tamu Lhosar falls on the 15 of Poush every year. According to the English calendar, it falls in the month of December-January.

Lhosar is the time when family members get together and exchange love and greetings. On the day of the Tamu Lhosar festival. Each home raises a prayer flag on top of its roof. The lama performs worship and ceremonial rituals. People take blessings from the lamas and their elders for their progress, prosperity, and happiness. People invite friends and relatives to their homes. Also, exchange greetings and gifts with each other.

A grand feast is prepared and people exchange greetings with one another. In villages, people gather around together to sing and dance. Whereas in the cities people gather in a commonplace and dance and sing to welcome the New Year. Furthermore, Gurung people wear traditional dress. The men wear Bhangra, a white cloth shirt-like tied across the chest and open like a bag at the back. This was used for carrying things back in the day. And a Kachhad, like a short miniskirt. Similarly, Gurung women, as well as children, wear maroon velvet Ghalek and Gunyo-Cholo, harmonizing with gold and semi-precious stone necklaces.

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Tamu LhosarNepalDec 30, 2024
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