Binita Thapa

Binita Thapa
Finance & Accounts Jaigon, WB, India (Bhutan Border)

Binita Thapa is lady behind the fact and figure of the company for Sale & Support office, Phuentsholing and USA office. She is a Accountant. To a larger degree, she let us sleep soundly with a feeling that all is well on financial front. Her job doesn’t merely rest as accountant only. Sometime it also include to provide support to booking reservations, when the going get tough specifically during on season. Her versatility come more than handy in smooth functioning of daily affairs in office.

She hails from Jaigoan, bordering with Phuentsholing, Bhutan. She did her initial schooling in Bhutan, after which it took her to many places in India, finally doing her Bachelors of Commerce from Kuersong college in Darjeeling Districts.

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