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Predominatingly, tour executive or guide as a career option was a male dominated domain. However since last 2 decades, the girls have been foraying into this arena, maintaining a finer balance. Also it is seen that women principally specialises in culture and nature. However a few are venturing into rugged, weatherbeaten trails of trek and Kuenzang is among the few who leads the trek with as much elan as the culture. She says “Since childhood, the nature in its nascent form, mountains’ peaks, natural landscapes intrigues and fascinates her”

She did her schooling from Paro – her hometown. And felt that she should try business so she opted for business studies as a graduate course. However she soon realised that she was not cut out for business. The call of wild – the mountains peaks, the rustic trails, the nature was so overwhelming that she did, what came naturally to her – enlisted for  guiding  course.

Her first assignment as a guide was with Wind Horse Tours’s guests. And since then she is here and making a difference…..

What Our Guest Says about the guide

Bhutan & North India Custom Trip.


April 03 - May 03,2023

Bhutan & North India Custom Trip.

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Hi Anand,
It is Clare here from Australia. I am sorry it has taken a while to be in touch after my return from India and Bhutan.
I hope that you are really well and that there are some cooling rains with the monsoon season, but not destructive.
I wanted to thank you for the incredibly rich itinerary you helped make a realty with my trip. As I settle back into my work and routine, I am only just starting to digest the completely awe inspiring  experiences I had. So so many!
Hanuman and Kuen-Za, words can’t express my gratitude for their care, professionalism, kindness and just plain great times!
I am so happy to now call them my friends and we stay in contact.
There were stressful and difficult times for a short while in Bhutan, and my goodness, Kuen-za and Kinza were so beautiful and truly made sure I was going to be OK. I absolutely do not take that for granted, wonderful people and you are so lucky to have them on your team.
I haven’t quite organised my photos yet but will be sure to send you some.
I really have been wanting to be in touch with you as I am very mindful that it all started with your expert, thoughtful and invaluable guidance and knowledge.
Wishing you much peace and good health always.
My warmest wishes
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