Kumar Parajuli

Kumar Parajuli
Guide & Partner(Nepal) Kathmandu, Nepal +977 9851161395

In his early days, Kumar had to walk for hours to reach his school, passing through small villages, hills, and rivers with beautiful views of snow-capped mountains along the way. This sparked his curiosity about the rest of the country and its culture, leading him to develop a strong interest in learning about new places and meeting new people.

After he completed high school, he started his career as a trekking guide due to his passion for nature, culture, and adventure. Over the course of time, he has received extensive training in mountain safety, trekking, and cultural guiding. Kumar has led several groups on treks to popular regions like Annapurna, Everest, and Langtang, showcasing his expertise as a trekking guide. Furthermore, he is equally well-versed in the cultural attractions of Nepal, serving as a cultural guide as well.

Joining Wind Horse Tours as a Nepal partner was a significant milestone in his career. Kumar believes that working as a guide not only allows him to explore the beauty of Nepal but also provides ample opportunities to immerse himself in the diverse cultures of the country. In his leisure time, he enjoys hanging out with friends and continuing his explorations. He is excited about the prospect of traveling and discovering new places beyond Nepal in the future.

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