Subash Rai

Subash Rai
Guide Thimphu, Bhutan

Subash is fun, friendly and always entertaining. He is adored by ever group for his frankness, ever readiness to extend a hand.
He is passionate about his job and loves Buddhism. He will entertain, humor you and go to the lengths to make your each day  an enjoyable one.
Here is what he says: “I am a great lover of Buddha and his teachings. The importance of King, country and it’s people has be my moto of life with my cute little daughter and beautiful wife.
Watching birds and its habitats is juice of my life which fuels my day to day work. Being the part of Hospitality industry, it really made my life echoes with rhythm of warm heart and the bridge for rest of the world. The only camera that can capture the beauty of my country is our eyes and store in the heart. I take it this way we are bound with same destination but the journey decide the connection of life, accept what Karma hits back and never aspect rather be thankful for the best of what you have and what you got.”

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