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Mr. Tashi is from the Amdo region of Tibet. Studied Tibetan Buddhism and English literature in Varanasi India from for 5 years. He speaks excellent English and some Hindi, and wonderful Mandarin Chinese.

His passion for the scenery of his homeland has led him to deepen his knowledge of Tibet’s  less traveled paths, particularly in the central and western Tibet (Kailash area), where he traveled and led so many groups toHis patience and detailed oriented personality has earned him a really good judgement from our guests

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  • Three Himalayan Kingdom Fall 2018 San Francisco, USA Trip Date:
    08 - 22 Sept, 2018

    TID 9203 These guys are the experts to turn to if you what to go to Bhutan. They choose the best guides, drivers and hotels for the price point, which is very reasonable given the quality delivered across the board. Expect local hotels with good character. By example, we had individual chalets built for the coronation of the king of Bhutan in the 70s. We did the Three Himalayan Kingdom tour. It was physically demanding to some extent as there is a lot packed into your trip....and lots of steps on the temples at high altitudes to take. :) The guide

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  • Grand Cultural Tour of Bhutan – April 2018. France Trip Date:
    30 - 09 April, 2018

    Thanks for your email below. I'm now back in Luxembourg :-) I've had a great time in Bhutan. As a general fashion everything went well and I've been very happy with the overall program. The driver did a great job and the guide was fine as well despite the miscommunication issues - This is something that he can easily improved by the way. One thing a bit worrying, perhaps due to the policy of the country, was that I found it difficult to get some moments to be on my own like having a walk in city centres for instance as the guide insisted

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  • Three Himalayan Kingdom May, 2017 San Francisco, California, USA Trip Date:
    May 14 - 28,2017

    We planned a trip with Wind Horse for Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan, traveling for approximately 2.5 weeks, with a local guide and driver in each of the three destinations. We opted for the Three Kingdoms Tour. Wind Horse has many different pre-packaged tours to choose from, from challenging, lengthy treks, to horseback riding adventures, to culture tours with mostly easy walks. They can also customize the trip for you depending on your preferences. We planned this trip from the comfort of our homes in the U.S. Communications/email was fast and easy during the entire planning process. They helped us book flights

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