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Ugen Tshering

Ugen Tshering is the co-founder of Wind Horse Tours. In cold wintry night of 1997, over a log fire in lawn of hotel in Thimphu, along with other guides, the seed of Wind Horse Tours was first sown, and in 1998, it came to life. By that time, as a guide, he had traversed all nook and corners of country. And also regions in southeast Asia, China and central Asia.

He attended his school in Bhutan and went to United Kingdom to pursue further Studies. The lighter story goes that he was bitten by travel bug when he was a kid. The travel exuberance and to seek the unknown was the driving force that took him to places. In 1999, he relocated himself with his family to Minneapolis in USA and set up Wind Horse sale office . With time  his wanderlust hasn’t diminished, he still travels extensively to attend trade fair in London, Berlin, Moscow. And yearly visit to Bhutan to take stock of changes that the places have seen.

He came through ranks, with modest beginning as guide, and with time in any trade comes the experience. And this is what set him apart from the rest. His insights and knowledge is what makes a difference when he frames an itinerary.

guest reviews

  • May its fortresses defend and preserve its roots, traditions and real beauty. Rome, Italy Trip Date:

    Dear Ugen, Dreams have been my reality during the past two weeks, the trip was excellent in every single detail, just like the professional skill of the people you chose for us, do send to everybody my sincere Kadriche and to Bhutan. Tashi delek: may its fortresses defend and preserve its roots, traditions and real beauty.

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  • Bhutan en “Wind Horse” vormen een ideale combinatie om dit uniek en fascinerend land te ontdekken .. Knokke-Heist, Belgium Trip Date:

    In India (December 1997) ontmoeten we Ugen voor de eerste keer. Hij werkt voor een Nederlandse tour operator en organiseert onze Rajasthan-rondreis. In 1998 de oprichting van het reisbureau “Plan holidays” in Kathmandu (Nepal) door Ugen samen met zijn beste vrienden. In het zelfde jaar regelen ze onze Nepal-rondreis op een perfecte manier. Ondertussen wordt in Bhutan het licht op groen gezet voor tour operators en start Ugen “Wind Horse Tours, Treks & Expeditons” op. In 1999 vertrekken we naar Bhutan o.l.v. “Wind Horse”. Ter plaatse worden we door een zeer professioneel team omringd. Vooral de flexibiliteit waarmee het programma

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  • We have always been highly satisfied with the efficient, friendly service Ruislip, U K Trip Date:
    March, 11.1998

    Ugen was our guide on our first visit to Bhutan, in 1994, and we have travelled with him and Wind Horse on several occasions since. We have always been highly satisfied with the efficient, friendly service; the quality of information given; the professionalism and flexibility of individuals and the lengths to which they have gone to meet our needs and make each of our trips very special.

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Bhutan Airlines Representative

Bhutan Air Representative

Wind Horse is appointed the Bhutan Airlines Representative in USA. We are continue to patronise Druk Airlines, the national carrier of Bhutan.

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Desi Journeys by Wind Horse Tours

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