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Three Himalayan Kingdoms (Sep 10-23, 2007) Dear Postak and Ugen: i want to thank you both for a wonderful trip. It was awesome for both my husband and i, and i could see all your hard work in arranging such a complicated venture! The food was great, the guides were superb – i loved them! – and the hotels, for the most part were fine. My only complaint about this is the hotel we stayed in at the beijing airport was not very nice. my recommendation to you is, in the future, if people such as myself are not really sure what’s going on, they may need more advice from you. the rest of the group really liked their hotel in Beijing. had i known they were all there and that the hotel was much nicer, i may have chosen to stay there.

aside from this, it was an amazing journey. i would highly recommend wind horse holidays to anyone! please keep me in touch with your upcoming trips….

thank you again…

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