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Dear Yonten,

This is a very belated thank you for looking after Rosy and me so well on our riding holiday in October. It is hard to believe that about two months have already passed since we were in Bhutan. I have a revolving screensaver on my computer which shows me a different photo of our wonderful holiday every day so my thoughts are still with. I have recently read the lovely book you gave us – Wind Horse tours, treks and expeditions – which again reminded me of your beautiful country.
We would like to thank Yeshi especially for being our amazing guide who was so knowledgeable on every subject and had the patience of a saint when answering all our questions. He undoubtedly added a huge amount of enjoyment to our holiday and enabled us to feel very much at home and safe in your lovely country. He helped us in every way possible from buying souvenirs to teaching us about agriculture and chilli cheese recipes!
Rosy fell slightly in love with Jigme our car driver for being so helpful and cheerful as well as driving the car very safely. Rosy has had two very serious car accidents and she is a nervous passenger but she felt quite safe with Jigme’s driving. She also loved his fire making when we were camping. Please thank him very much from us both for keeping us safe on your high twisty roads!
It would be very remiss of me not to thank Pema as it was after all a riding holiday! He was very patient, kind and cheerful and he also looked after the horses with great skill and care. I don’t know how he knew where he was going as I would have been lost in the mountains very quickly indeed! He was also very good at providing and serving up hot meals for lunch which was amazing. The horses were very tough and strong and were very footsure especially over some of the wet and steep paths.
Since being back home for a month or two I have realised that some of your Bhutanese culture has had a deep affect on both Rosy and me. Your compassion and wisdom are qualities that we are now much more aware of and your respect for nature and the land is so important for us all.
I could write many more words about our adventure to Bhutan but we would just like to say a heart felt thank you for making this a very special and memorable experience. The holiday was everything as promised by Unicorn and much more due to the kindness and attention to detail from you all. A massive thank you to Yeshi, Jigme, Pema and yourself.
With our very best wishes to you all for a happy future.
Jock and Rosy ?

Bhutan Tour for Jock & Rosy

  • Person Name Jock
  • From Perthshire, Scotland
  • Trip Name Customised Bhutan Tour
  • Travelled Date Oct 05 - 16,2019
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Hotels Thimphu - Hotel Jhomolari
    Paro - Tashi Namgay Resort
    Punakha - Hotel Zingkham
    Bumthang - Mt Lodge
    Tang - Ugencholing Guest House.
    Tang - Phola Guest House.
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