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Thanks for reaching out!  Would love to share about my experience, because it was incredible!
Not knowing much about Bhutan, if anything really, I was hoping to see Tiger’s Nest and left the rest of what I was to do up to Wind Horse.  As you know, I spent time in Paro and Thimphu, learning about the culture, history, Buddhism, and general way of life for the current Bhutanese people.
Ugyen (spelling?), was a great tour guide, providing a constant smile and a lot of laughs.  He opened my door, tried to carry my backpack, etc. and always attempted to make the trip for me as easy as possible.  Not wanting to be “above” him, I made sure to open his door so he knew we were on the same page and I was happy to be tagging along with the two of them for a great experience.
Pema was greatly knowledgeable about everything I asked about (Buddhism, culture, food, lifestyle, government, etc.).  He as well provided great laughs and a very enjoyable experience.  Shooting archery in the forest was actually one of my favorite parts of the trip outside of Tiger’s Nest as I do seek adventure and was able to hang with my tour guide and driver as buddies of mine just enjoying life.
From the food, to the hotels and tours and everything I did, wouldn’t have changed a thing!  I will come back, and be more inclined to see what else is available and check out more of the country side, mountains, villages, etc.  Try and get away from modern city living.
I should also say, after about a few hours of the tour, I was able to feel that I was walking around with friends in Pema and Ugyen.  They gave me everything I wanted in terms of knowledge and being a tourist in Bhutan, plus, good buddies for the tour.

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